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What are Study Abroad Exchanges and how do they work?

study abroad summer schools graphicOkanagan College Bachelor of Business students are eligible to participate in Study Abroad semesters. Okanagan School of Business has negotiated Study Abroad agreements with many partner institutions around the world which mean you can spend one or two semesters at an international partner school, and as long as your courses are pre-approved by Okanagan College; all credits earned during your semester(s) away will apply towards your Okanagan College Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

Once you are an approved Study Abroad candidate, you pay your usual tuition to Okanagan College
while attending classes at the international institution of your choice. While travel and housing costs are your responsibility, our Study Abroad advisor will provide insight on residence information, pre-departure orientation, and returning student sessions. Please note many partner institutions have on-campus housing, as well as helpful visiting student support services and activities.

Students are expected to enroll in a full-time course load while on exchange and will also be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and Ambassadorship Agreement.

Why Go?

Most students are attracted by the opportunity to live and study in a new and different environment, but the reasons for doing an exchange program are varied. 

If you would like to: 

  • take academic courses not available at Okanagan College
  • study in another country
  • experience a different cultural environment
  • travel to and tour new destinations
Study abroad may be a good choice for you.

Take the time to thoroughly examine your personal reasons for wanting to participate in an exchange. If non-academic reasons such as travel or working abroad are your primary motivation, then other options may be better suited to your goals.

Which Student Exchange is Appropriate For Me?

You can choose an exchange that has a wide variety of course topics, or choose one that is more focused on your area of academic interest.  Proficiency in the language of instruction will be a major determinant in the consideration of an appropriate exchange.  All Okanagan College Study Abroad partner schools offer many courses in English.  Many partner schools also offer "learn a new language" type courses as well.  If you already speak another language you may choose to take courses in that language as long as the courses are pre-approved by Okanagan College.

Academics and Campus Life 

It is common to find differences in the provision and delivery of academic programs: different semester start and end dates, student services and facilities, campus culture, cost of living, living conditions, social behavior and customs. These differences will be more easily navigated if you pre-plan and research your chosen destination well before you leave Canada. 


Australia- Swinburne      Austria- FH Wien University      Linyi University

Course Selection

It's very important to research the courses available at your chosen Study Abroad school before you leave.  You will need to have your Study Abroad courses approved by Okanagan College before you leave. However, also be prepared for possible course changes when you arrive at your exchange school as there is no way to guarantee enrollment in your chosen courses at the partner school.

You may find courses and materials have changed between the time you choose a particular course and the time of your first actual class.  You may even discover that some courses are not offered as expected.  It will be to your benefit if you have an alternate plan in mind to deal with potential changes.  It's also highly recommended you check with your Okanagan College Study Abroad coordinator if you need to make significant course changes while abroad.

What's the best way to make a good exchange decision? Research, research, research!


Where in the World Can You Go?

World Map Blue Okanagan College has exchange partnership schools located in many different regions of the world. Check out the list of countries and schools you can visit from our list of Study Abroad Partnership Schools.


The Application Process

Are You Eligible?  

To be eligible for Study Abroad, Okanagan College students must have:

  • completed a minimum of 60 credits.
  • third year standing in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Okanagan College.
  • completed two years of full-time study (minimum 80% course load) at Okanagan College.
  • a minimum GPA of at least B (72%).
  • a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor or department chair.

Apply Now!

Complete the Study Abroad Application and submit completed application form and all supporting documentation to the Okanagan School of Business. You may email your application form and supporting documents to the Study Abroad coordinator at

Application Deadline

Fall Semester - March 31
Winter Semester - April 30 

Financial Aid

Information and applications for exchange bursaries, awards, scholarships and loans for participation in an exchange may be obtained from the Okanagan College Financial Awards department. 

Okanagan College offers several International Study Exchange Awards. To apply, sign into MyOkanagan and under the Financial Aid & Awards section select Apply Online for Awards to complete the form. 
The BC Scholarship Society with the help of Irving K. Barber, offers two International Exchange Scholarships, One World scholarships of $1,000 - $3,500 and the Premier’s scholarships of $5,000 - $10,000.  To apply or for more information about these awards visit:

Pre-Departure Pre-Departure Checklist


Once your application has been approved, you must attend a pre-departure orientation session.

Health & Safety Advice

Take all reasonable measures and precautions to ensure your personal well-being.   

Sufficient and appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken before you leave on your exchange.  You'll need to obtain proper health insurance and vaccinations against disease before you go. Medical services and safety issues may differ greatly from what you are accustomed to so research these on the official website of the institutions and countries you plan to visit before you leave Canada.

For information on health insurance coverage consult the Provincial Ministry of Health. For advice and information on health concerns for international travel, consult the staff at Campus Health Offices. There is also valuable information at  Health Canada website.

No one can guarantee an accident or injury-free semester away, so give serious thought to the possibility of such incidents. Research the areas you wish to visit and talk with other exchange students and professors who have visited the school you are interested in.  Learn how you can safeguard yourself against the possibility of theft, burglary, property damage, personal injury or more serious crimes. 


Returning to Okanagan College

When you return to the College after your time away, you may need to do some catching up on local, school and social events. Many students report feeling a bit out of touch with their home campus and fellow classmates. Your experiences may have changed your outlook and study focus. As a result you may also find your relationships with some friends and peers have changed. Finding a suitable housing arrangement with other students may present some difficulties. This is normal, so be prepared for some readjustment. It may be helpful for you to talk with the Study Abroad coordinator or other students who have gone on exchanges.

More Questions?

The Study Abroad exchange program at Okanagan College is coordinated by the Okanagan School of Business.  Our Study Abroad coordinator can provide information on general and administrative matters, pre-departure resources and procedures for applying for an exchange study, plus specific information regarding eligibility requirements, course selection for degree requirements and related academic matters.

For more information about the Study Abroad program please contact the Study Abroad coordinator by email at or phone (250) 862-5610 or toll-free (877) 755-2266.