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What is the OBSA?

The Okanagan Business Students' Association (OBSA) is comprised of students registered in courses in the department of Business Administration – any student is eligible to join the committees. The operations of the Association are chiefly carried out in the Okanagan College campuses of Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm and Penticton. The OBSA, registered under the BC Societies Act, is administered centrally through the KLO campus. The OBSA provides a means for students to gather the kind of real world business experience and involvement in student organizations that distinguishes them when they graduate and apply to businesses or for further studies.

Positions on the OBSA Committee

Executive positions in the OBSA include: president, vice-president, treasurer, portfolio manager, and public relations manager. Department director positions in human resources, marketing, communications, information technology, and administration.  A faculty advisor provided by the college helps the OBSA to keep the faculty current on OBSA activities and projects, and vice versa. No experience is required – just commitment and integrity. The executive committee accepts new members throughout the year, and you can apply by sending a brief bio and complete contact information to obsa.ocbusiness@gmail.com

Our Mandate

The mandate of the OSBA is:

  • To enhance and improve the interaction between Business Administration students at all levels of the program
  • To increase the local business community's awareness of the calibre of our business graduates and the skills that OC business students are offering
  • To raise funds to establish scholarships and bursaries for business students
  • To sponsor and conduct workshops and events that will improve interaction between students and the local business community
  • To promote the Okanagan Business School and the College in general.

Mission Statement

Our four main purposes as an organization are to encourage the interaction between business students, the business community and faculty, to increase community awareness about the Okanagan School of Business, to raise funds for student bursaries, and to organize special events for the business community to meet the next generation of business leaders.

Vision Statement

The OBSA in an organization that cultivates identity and enduring relationships through opportunities and experience.


Personal Growth - Providing opportunities to take initiative and applying knowledge from one’s current base of study to real world experience.

Respect - Offering equal opportunities for all members and creating an atmosphere where everyone can express their ideas freely.

Collaboration - A supportive environment where teamwork is a key factor to our success.

Work Ethic - Confidence in the honest benefit of work and its ability to enhance integrity through meeting deadlines, attention to detail, reliability and quality of effort.

Relationship Building - Creating opportunities to bring the Okanagan School of Business and the business community together.

Contact the OBSA

Contact: Sara Zarkoob

Email: obsa.ocbusiness@gmail.com

Phone: 250-762-5445  ext. 4745

Check us out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/OkanaganBusinessStudentAssociation