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BUAD 339 - EDEN - Entrepreneurship & Development in Emerging Nations

The course outline for Entrepreneurship & Development in Emerging Nations (EDEN) states: Students will develop an understanding of the development challenges in third-world countries that have significant portions of their populations living in extreme poverty. Students will travel to a third-world country to work with children and adults attempting to rise out of extreme poverty.

Extreme poverty, living on 1 dollar per day, is the daily reality for about 1 billion people today. EDEN will give students the opportunity to experience extreme poverty through a two-week field trip to Ethiopia, and to study solutions through the coursework.

Canadian Humanitarian, Okanagan College's partner, works with NGO partners in Ethiopia. Most of its work is focused on supporting at-risk children in a community-based foster care model. The impact on the children is life-saving, as they are fed, clothed and educated. The children openly speak of the hope for the future that has entered their lives because of Canadian Humanitarian’s support.

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Program Start Date

Summer Session I: May to June 2013
Travel Dates: May 16 to June 1, 2013

Course Costs (Approximations)EDEN1

Expedition $4,000
Food $200
Passport $87
Visa $64
Immunization $500
Tuition & Books $500
Total $5,351

Check out what the students in May 2009 saw:

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 Course Outline for BUAD 339 - Entrepreneurship & Development in Emerging Nations


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