Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research


Vision Statement

The Centre exists to encourage and support new Okanagan School of Business faculty researchers to engage in applied research, to expand their knowledge base, and to make a significant contribution to economic and social development in the BC Southern Interior. As part of the Okanagan College School of Business, the Centre will be a vibrant hub of researchers that support innovation and development of communities in the BC Southern Interior. It seeks to foster an improved learning environment for our students and faculty, while contributing to the well-being of our community.

Mission Statement

The Centre (CSBER) is an interdisciplinary institute for the study of small business and entrepreneurship that benefits the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Its research mission emphasizes the economic, environmental and social impacts of both small business and entrepreneurship at all stages of development. Its secondary mission is to encourage professors at early stages in their academic careers to engage in research in the fields of small business and entrepreneurship.

Scope of Research

Research in this cluster is is carried out in key areas. The researchers identified with each area (identified below) are the main points of contact for that research area, They are also prepared to provide advice and guidance to Okanagan school of Business faculty interested in conducting research in that area.

Lee Cartier
  • Rural entrepreneurship and the economics
    of industry competitiveness
    Professor Lee Cartier
    • Industry cluster and value chain analysis
    • Industry strategy
    • Business Innovation
  • Social service non-profit sector sustainabilityDr. Sheilagh Seaton
    • Strategy in not-for-profit organizations
    • Governance in not-for-profit organizations
    • Operational, human resources, and financial sustainability
  • Social EntrepreneurshipDr. Kyleen Myrah
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Models of ‘for-profit’ social entrepreneurship

What we do:

  • We provide an interface between academic research efforts and the community by acting as a conduit of rural research information and by facilitating community involvement in rural development. We use the concept of regional identity, rather than narrow definitions based on population numbers or geographic boundaries, to define a rural community. Rural communities become the unit of analysis and are able to differentiate themselves from other regions, thereby achieving competitive advantage in a national or even global context.
  • We promote, facilitate, coordinate, initiate and conduct multi-disciplinary academic and applied research on issues facing the BC Southern Interior.
  • We establish linkages with similar research institutions and research networks.
  • We communicate the results of our research throughout the Okanagan College community.

Values Statement

The Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research:

  • Embraces diversity and equality of individuals
  • Encourages fairness and integrity, respect and trust
  • Focuses on ethical and social responsibility
  • Stimulates creative thinking and innovation
  • Centres on researcher and student successes and achievements
  • Encourages personal standards of achievement
  • Inspires engaging and meaningful experiences
  • Strives for accessibility and achievement for all research stakeholders