Lucy Ryga


Degrees, Designations, Diplomas, and Certificates:

  • Associate of Arts - Okanagan College
  • Learner Centered Instructor Certificate - Okanagan College
  • Train the Trainer - Vancouver Community College, School of Instructor Education
  • Microsoft Certified Instructor - Microsoft
  • Train the Trainer - United Way

Teaching Experience: 

  • 16 year with Okanagan College, Continuing Studies and Office Administration
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Various Business courses: Office Administration, Leadership Skills, Microsoft Office Applications, Computer Fundamentals, Bookkeeping and Accounting

Business Experience:

  • 15 years experience in management and office administration in roles as an office and operations manager, executive assistant, personal assistant and customs broker


  • To facilitate learning in an engaging, fun, and experiential environment that prepares students for higher pursuits.