Marc Vanderaegen

Current Position: Marc

Flight School Director, Instructor, Multi-Engine and IFR Examiner: Southern Interior Flight Centre for the Okanagan College Commercial Aviation Diploma Program.  Retired Ice Pilot.


26 Years aviation experience including 16 years working for established CAR 702,703,705 northern-based Airline as:

  • Aviation Safety Officer
  • Dangerous Goods Program Coordinator
  • Company Operations Manager
  • Company Flight Instructor – All Company Divisions
  • Transport Canada Approved Company Check Pilot – IFR
  • Air Tanker Captain (Forest Fires)
  • Air Tanker and Birddog Training Captain
  • Company Ground school Instructor – All Aircraft

Equipment Operated

  • Canadair CL-215 Water Bomber (Amphibious)
  • Vintage Douglas DC-3 (on skis and wheels)
  • Douglas DC-4 (freighter and air tanker)
  • Curtiss C46 Commando
  • Beech King Air 90 Turboprop
  • Various Light Twin-Engine and Single-Engine Aircraft
  • Boeing 737 200 Simulator
  • Douglas DC-10 Simulator

With an array of experience in the industry, I insist on providing a common sense, real-world approach to aviation which includes developing the proper level of maturity and work ethics required to succeed.  Students leave our facility ready to work and ready to handle the actual situations presented to them throughout their career.