Sylvie Vidaillac

 Education & Certifications SV Photo

• Master, Business Administration, Management, 2004, HEC Montreal.
• Master, Developmental Psychology, 1996, University of Toulouse II, France.
• Licence, Social Psychology, 1990, University of Toulouse II, France.
• Psychometrics Level B Tests qualified (MBTI, FiroB, CPI260, Strong Interest Inventory)
• Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), HRMA.

Professional experience
Consulting and coaching, management: Sylvie Vidaillac has been a consultant and coach in various industries in private and public organizations since 2001. Her expertise covers change management strategies, leadership development plans, performance management programs,
and training and development for executives, managers and team. Previous to that, she contributed to the development of a high tech business, working closely with multinational companies. She participated in audits, partnerships and start-ups and managed various projects, working at both operational and strategic levels in marketing, finance and human resources in Europe and North America. Sylvie remains active in the field of executive coaching.

Counselling and social work: Sylvie worked in recreational and school settings for many years. As a youth leader and project coordinator, she organized and participated in numerous projects in Europe and Canada. As a counsellor in an educational institution, she delivered counselling services, developed, implemented and supervised Individualized Educational Plans and provided coaching to educators. At district level, she worked on strategic initiatives to enhance stakeholders’ satisfaction on wellbeing and safety in schools and developed and delivered schools executives training seminars.

Teaching experience
Sylvie has been involved in post secondary education since 2004, starting as a lecturer and course coordinator at HEC Business School in Montreal. She was also part of the continuing education team as an executive trainer in the Engineering School of University of Quebec. Calling Kelowna home in 2006, she continued as an educator with both UBC, as adjunct professor from 2007, and with Okanagan College where she started in 2008.

Community Involvement
• Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, Kelowna (2014 – present)
• HR mentor, HRMA
• Director, Okanagan Public Market (2007, 2010)
• Vice President, School Parent’s board (2007).
• Director, Chamber of Commerce, St-Jérôme (2003- 2006).

Areas of interest
All the humanities… Holistic education, health, mental health, resilience, value based leadership, ethics, spirituality, psychology, world religions and philosophies, diversity and cross cultural studies, creativity and innovation, strategy, knowledge management, languages, music, fine arts. …and biking.