Robert Wright

Degrees, Designations, Diplomas, and Certificates:

Robert Wright

  • MBA, San Jose State University
  • BSEE (Electrical Engineering), Michigan State University
  • CeM (Certified eMarketer), eMarketing Association
  • Project Management Certificate, Tandem Computers (now HP)

Teaching Experience:

  • BUAD 231 Project Management for NTEN
  • BUAD 232 Electronic Commerce for NTEN
  • BUAD 278 Marketing Management
  • BUAD 315 Management Science
  • BUAD 333 Internet Marketing
  • BUAD 333 Search Marketing
  • BUAD 335 Electronic Commerce
  • BUAD 498 Directed Study
  • EIEN 218 NW Systems III
  • NTEN 299 Network Project


  • Founded multiple successful start-up companies and led them to successful exit, including SANavigator (now part of Broadcom), an industry-leading and award winning software solution that redefined storage network management)
  • Part of Apple’s senior management team that transformed the company from loss to profit in 1996-1999
  • Revised subject courses to better align with industry needs in the areas of digital marketing, e-commerce and project management

Expertise Areas:

  • Entrepreneurship, business and project management, marketing, digital technology

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Marketing Association      
  • eMarketing Association
  • Project Management Institute
  • SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization)
  • Accelerate Okanagan (formerly Okanagan Angels)

Past/Present Business Experience:

  • Over 25 years of high technology business development, specializing in e-commerce, computer systems, software development and spanning from startups to large companies
  • Pro bono consulting for select companies through Global eBusiness Solutions

Teaching/Coaching Experience:

  • 15 years teaching experience at Okanagan College
  • Various pro bono corporate coaching activities for local businesses and startups

Publications and Awards:

  • Sample publications:
    • Wright, Robert. (2016), Moving a Website to a New Host. (Featured Article) Website Magazine
    • Wright, Robert. (2015), Three reasons why a small business still needs a website. Capital News and Others
    • Wright, Robert. (2011), Creating an online presence. Capital News and Others
    • Wright, Robert. (2010), Web Hosting’s Ethical Dilemma (Cover Story). Ping! Zine