Robert Wright

Brief Introduction:

Robert Wright's background includes over 25 years of high technology business development, specializing in e-commerce, systems, and software development and spanning form startups to large companies where he has been responsible for building and transforming many successful organizations within the high technology sector.
Robert Wright

Professional Credentials and Education:

  • MBA, San Jose State University
  • BSEE (Electrical Engineering), Michigan State University
  • CeM (Certified eMarketer), eMarketing Association
  • Project Management Certificate, Tandem Computers (now HP)

Industry Experience:

Most recently as the President and CEO of MediaCatch, Robert delivered improvements to an e-commerce web hosting platform that tripled revenues within three years. Prior to MediaCatch, Robert founded SANavigator to deliver an industry-leading and award-winning software solution that redefined storage management. Prior to SANavigator, Robert held roles as vice president of software engineering at Connex, and senior management positions at both Apple and Hewlett Packard.

Past and Current Courses Taught:

  • BUAD 231 - Project Management for NTEN
  • BUAD 232 - Electronic Commerce for NTEN
  • BUAD 278 - Marketing Management
  • BUAD 315  - Management Science 
  • BUAD 331 - Project Management
  • BUAD 333 - Search Marketing
  • BUAD 335 - Electronic Commerce
  • BUAD 438  - Applied Research Marketing
  • BUAD 498 - Directed Study
  • EIEN 218 - NW Systems III
  • NTEN 229 - Network Project 



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    Research and Community Involvement:

    • Pro Bono mentoring for local businesses and startups
    • Angel investing in local ventures