Dr. Sheilagh Seaton

Degrees, Designations, Diplomas, and Certificates:
  • Doctorate of Business Administration from University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Business Administration from University of Leicester
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU
  • Bachelor of Science in Forest Resource Management from UBC
  • Provincial Instructors Diploma

Teaching Experience:

Small Business Management, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Sports and Event Marketing, Professional Sales, Introduction to Marketing, Management Principles, Marketing Research, Social Entrepreneurship, Economic Development in Emerging Nations


Marketing research, sports marketing and information technology applications for small business. Enactus Okanagan College faculty advisor. 

Associations and Board Memberships:

  • American Marketing Association
  • Canadian Centre for Business Growth
  • Community Futures of the South Okanagan Similkameen
  • South Okanagan Women's Resource Centre Penticton Campus
  • Making a Difference Foundation
  • Penticton Chamber of Commerce
  • OC Committees

Business Experience:

  • Management experience in recreation, tourism and resource industries
  • Business and marketing consultant since 1996
  • Test of Humanity race director (volunteer) - a charity fundraiser race to build lives.

Presentations and Publications:

  • Teaching students to apply design thinking to help solve community challenges (NAEA National Conference workshop March 2018). Shared the experience of teaching students to apply the design thinking process to solving community problems both locally in North America and globally in Africa. Dr. Michelle Wiebe and Dr. Sheilagh Seaton.  
  • ‘Joining the in crowd: Symbols for backpacker identity’ by R. Currie, T. Campbell-Trant and S. Seaton published in International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research (2011) Vol. 5 Iss: 1, pp.47 – 56.
  • ‘The appropriateness of measures used to determine marketing return in the Canadian sports event industry’ by S. Seaton, J. Summers, and M. Johnson-Morgan, and presented by S. Seaton at the Sport Marketing Association 5th Annual Conference, Pittsburgh November 2, 2007.
  • 'Defining Market Feasibility and Stakeholder's Salience’ by R. Currie, and S. Seaton, and presented by S. Seaton at the International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability February 26, 2005.
  • 'Understanding Backpacker Tourists Through Guidebook Symbols' by R. Currie, T. Campbell-Trant and S. Seaton published in Volume 4 Consumer Psychology of Tourism Hospitality and Leisure (paper presentation at symposium in July 2005).
  • 'Engaging in Corporate Sponsorship in the Okanagan' by S. Seaton - Okanagan Business Journal 2005
  • ‘Considerations for Implementing an Optimal Model for MIS Education’ (Extended Abstract) by S. Seaton - to be published in the Proceedings of the 9th Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education 2004.
  • ‘Looking Online for Government Services’ by S. Seaton Okanagan Business Journal 2004.’
  • ‘Acts of Faith or Rational Decision Making - Making Better Technology Investment Decisions’ – by S. Seaton Okanagan Business Journal September 8, 2003.