Dr. Michael Conyette

Michael ConyetteEducation
  • Doctor of Business Administration, Newcastle University, Newcastle, United Kingdom, & Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France.
  • Diploma - Adult Education, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, BC.
  • Master of Business Administration, City University, Bellevue, Washington, USA.
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management, Schulich School of Business & University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia
Teaching Experience
BUAD 382 Operations Management
BUAD 340 Strategic Management
BUAD 335 Electronic Commerce
BUAD 333 Internet Marketing
BUAD 315 Management Science
BUAD 210 Marketing Research
BUAD 123 Management Principles
BUAD 116 Marketing

Book Acknowledgements
What is E-Business?: How the Internet Transforms Organizations by Dr. Feng Li.
Advertising & Promotion by Dr. Michael Guolla.

Teaching/Coaching Accomplishments
  • Recipient of 2017 Okanagan College Innovation Grant for a research project entitled, Student Gaze Patterns Through Smart Glasses and Eye-Tracker Technology.
  • Recipient of 2002 BC Tel Learning Discovery Award for innovative use of technology in teaching.
  • Coached students to a First place finish in Canada’s National Simvest Investment Challenge 2002.
  • Coached students to Third place in the BC Business Simulation Competition 2003.
  • Coached students to First place in the BC Business Simulation Competition for the use of Management Accounting 2003.

Research Interests & Selected Publications

Research Interests

How intelligent online decision agents, mobile and wearable technology devices assist consumers in their travel activities. Advancements in artificial intelligence and the sentience capabilities of machines using software.

Doctor of Business Administration Thesis: Determinants of Online Leisure Travel Planning Decision Processes: A Segmented Approach.  Supervisors Prof. Michel Polski (Grenoble Ecole de Management), Prof. Feng Li (Newcastle University).

Conyette, M. (2016). "Student diversity and how it relates to students success". Business Education & Accreditation, 8 (2), 87-97.

Conyette, M. (2015). 21 Century Travel using Websites, Mobile and Wearable Technology Devices. Athens Journal of Tourism, 2 (2), 105-116.

Conyette, M. (2014). Evidence that travel product knowledge includes familiarity with travel products and destinations. International Journal of Management and Marketing Research,7(2), 57-63.

Conyette, M. (2012). A framework explaining how consumers plan and book travel online. The International Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 5(3), 57-68.

Conyette, M. (2011). Demographics for segmentation in online travel. International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 2(1), 93-98.

Huang, C-L, Chien, H.Y., Conyette, M. (2011). Folksonomy-based recommender systems with user’s recent preferences. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 54, 183-187.

Conyette, M. (2010).  Segmenting the online leisure travel booker. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, 3, 262-266.

International Conference on Wine Market and Cultures of Consumption, Hong Kong, June 2019. 

The Convergence of Medical Tourism and Wearable Technology, Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) Annual Conference, Cebu, Philippines, June 2018.

Wearable Technology in Travel Has Taken Off, Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) Annual Conference, Busan, South Korea, June 2017.

Wearable Tech's Future in Travel & Hospitality, International Hospitality Information Technology (iHITA) Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisana, USA, June 2016.

Weared Data; the Personal and Proprietary Nature of Data on Wearable Technology Devices, Travel & Tourism Research Association Greater Western Chapter (GWTTRA) Annual Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, February 2016.

Usage of wearable technology devices for travel, presented at Academic Forum, Cape Canaveral, Florida, December 2014.

Evidence that travel product knowledge includes familiarity with travel products and destinations, presented at Global Conference on Business and Finance, (GCBF) Costa Rica, May 2014.

Student diversity at college could lead to workplace diversity and increased innovation, presented at Academic Forum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 2013.

Usage of mobile devices for travel planning and booking, presented at ATINER 11th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, Athens, Greece, May 2013.

Evidence that increasing student diversity improves student engagement and success at college, presented at Academic Forum, Tampa, Florida, December 2012.

A Framework explaining how consumers plan and book travel online, presented at Global Conference on Business and Finance, (GCBF) Costa Rica, May 2012.

Segmenting the online leisure travel planner presented at International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics, IEDRC Hong Kong, vol 3. 2011.

Modeling factors that influence online travel booking, presented at International Conference on e-Business, ICE-B, Seville, Spain, July 2011.

Entrepreneurial Interests
Created a unique, niche-oriented travel portal that is also a conduit for research on the use of intelligent online decision aids in travel planning and booking.

Business Experience
Consumer goods importations.
Distribution of industrial/commercial equipment in Western Canada.
Augmented reality, wearable technology devices.

Community Service
Member – Business Library Committee at Okanagan College.
Volunteer – World Vision.
Member of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.
Chair, 2002 Business Administration Articulation Committee for all British Columbia Colleges, University-Colleges, Universities and Institutes.
Previous B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer Working Group member for determining marketing course equivalencies in the BC College system.
Previous Adviser - Northeast Aboriginal Business Centre, NENAS.