Devin Rubadeau

Brief Introduction:

Devin Rubadeau

Devin has 25 years of industry experience in high performance coaching, sport organization, event planning, project management, strategic planning, and leadership training.  An international sailing champion several times over, Devin has traveled the world coaching elite athletes and training new coaches.  Devin is a strong believer in experiential learning, and is always looking for motivated students to work with him to develop new programs and products that benefit the community. 

Professional Credentials and Education:

  • Doctoral Studies in Professional Practice (ongoing), University of Derby
  • Masters of Business Administration with Distinction, Walden University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Victoria
  • Diploma in High Performance Coaching (Sailing and Windsurfing), National Coaching Institute
  • Learning-Centred Instructor Certificate, Okanagan College
  • High Performance Traits Inventory Certified

Industry Experience:

  • Central Okanagan Sailing Association Program Manager and Head Coach
  • Department of Defense Head Coach – Canadian Forces Sailing Team
  • Okanagan Sailboat Hardware Owner, Operator
  • Pacific Sport Consultant, Sports Academy Plan
  • City of Kelowna Consultant, 20 Year Community Sport Plan
  • Coaches Association of Canada, Via Sport, and Sail Canada Master Learning Facilitator and Evaluator


Past and Current Courses Taught:

  • BUAD 116 - Marketing
  • BUAD 128 - Computer Applications
  • BUAD 176 - Professional Sales
  • BUAD 206 - The Business of Tourism
  • BUAD 231 - Project Management for Tech
  • BUAD 266 - Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • BUAD 293 - Entrepreneurship
  • BUAD 297 - Retailing
  • BUAD 331 - Project Management
  • BUAD 340 - Strategic Management
  • BUAD 390 - Property Management
  • BUAD 392 - Adventure and Eco Tourism
  • BUAD 480 - Strategic Management II 

Devin has also taught C-12Project Management in one of our exchange program schools in Worms, Germany. 

Research and Community  Involvement:

  • Chair, Pacific Sport Okanagan
  • Board Member, Shoe Bank Canada
  • Co-Director, 55+ Games
  • Treasurer, Central Okanagan Small Boat Association
  • President, ASM Parent Advisory Council
  • Faculty Advisor, Enactus Okanagan College
  • Faculty Advisor, OC Marketing Club
  • Faculty Advisor, Debate Club
  • Zone Representative, BC Summer Games
  • Advisor, Sail Canada