Office Administration Practicum Placements

Office Administration Student Practicums

Do you need extra assistance around the office to help alleviate your workload?

We have assistants available in the fields of Accounting, Administration, and Legal.

Benefit from having a highly motivated practicum student at no cost to your organization. This mutually beneficial partnership allows our students to gain practical experience while providing you with the opportunity to discover a potential employee without financial obligation.

Practicum placements are available in May and June for 2 – 3 weeks of full-time employment.

 Office Assistant4 Office Assistant5  Office Assistant6 


Courses in each program include:




Office Assistant 
Self-Management Business Math Introduction to Conveyancing
Computer Essentials Spreadsheets Advanced Conveyancing
Keyboarding Job Search Legal Office Procedures 
Office Procedures Database Corporate Law
Records Management Accounting Wills and Estates
Word Processing Payroll  
Business Communications Simply Accounting (SAGE)  
Presentation Graphics Quickbooks  
Business Math Accounting Simulation  
Job Search    
Simply Accounting    
Desktop Publishing    
Letter and Report Writing    
Office Simulation    

Office Assistant2
Our students are eager to contribute their skills and knowledge to the success of your organization.

Please contact Office Administration Instructor, Brenda Ridgeley-Ketchell, if you are interested in this opportunity.

Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4391