Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles


To prepare nurses who are global citizens with life-long learning skills who practice safe, quality, evidence-informed health care that is grounded in humanizing the experience of health and illness, and who lead with competence, integrity and compassion.


To provide the highest quality of nursing education experiences through a passionate commitment to evidenced-informed teaching and learning in a student-centered environment, while both role modeling and generating scholarship, professionalism and excellence in nursing practice.


The philosophy of the BSN program is derived from a synthesis of values and beliefs that are reflected in the following statements:

  • Registered nursing, a self-regulated profession, requires that nurses commit and accept the responsibility and accountability to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Nursing is the integration of art, science, and wisdom to practice toward the public good.
  • Multiple perspectives inform nurses’ way of knowing (epistemology) and allow us to embrace ambiguity and diversity.
  • Sciences, humanities, and nursing research from the basis of essential knowledge in nursing required for safe, ethical, evidence-informed and culturally safe nursing practice.
  • Nurses are committed to Interprofessional collaboration for the promotion of safety and improved health outcomes.
  • Nursing embraces compassion and caring as a relational and mindful practice for the promotion of optimal health and healing.
  • Nurses are committed to social justice and universal rights that impact health for all.
  • Nurses respect, protect and advocate for individuals’ and communities’ rights to self-determination and self-expression.