Apprenticeship Student Refund Policy

Withdrawals prior to the start of class:
  1. Apprenticeship students who withdraw from an apprenticeship program prior to the start date of the class may apply for a refund:
    • 60+ days prior to a class start date a non-refundable fee of $200 will be withheld
    • 59-15 days before a class start date a refund of half the tuition may be granted plus the ancillary fee (a minimum $200 will be withheld).
    • 14-0 day before a class there is no refund, the ancillary fee is refundable
  2. Apprenticeship students who are deemed, by Okanagan College, to be inadmissible to attend the program will receive a full tuition refund.
Withdrawals after the class start date:
  1. Apprenticeship students who withdraw or are terminated from a program due to absenteeism or academic performance will not receive a refund.
Withdrawal due to medical or extenuating reasons:
  1. Apprenticeship students who withdraw due to a medical or extenuating circumstance must submit the Withdrawal for Medical or Compassionate Reasons form with a medical note from a physician to the Registrar’s Office. Determination of any refund will be based on this information.

Okanagan College cancels a class:

When Okanagan College cancels an apprenticeship program or changes a program schedule, the apprenticeship student may apply for a full refund of his/her tuition or to have his/her tuition transferred to a future intake of the program. 

Note:  All refunds, whether prior to the start of class or after, are processed and paid to the Apprenticeship student unless there is a “sponsorship” letter on file.