Declaring your Ancestry

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We encourage all current Aboriginal students to self-identify their ancestry. Voluntarily disclosing your Aboriginal ancestry is important for several reasons: 

  • It allows us to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all our Aboriginal learners and Aboriginal communities
  • It gives us the ability to make students aware of the support services that we offer.
  • It helps us improve existing services or develop new support services.
  • It allows us to keep track of the enrollment, retention and completion rates of Aboriginal learners (informs on our support service effectiveness).

Self-identification increases support for cultural awareness programs on campus, and allows us to reach out to you and inform you of events, workshops, Elder visits, Pow Wow, potlucks, and other cultural events.

You do not need to self-declare your ancestry here if you have already done so on your application for admission.

    Aboriginal is defined as anyone who identifies themselves as First Nation (status and non-status), Metis and/or Inuit.
    Follow these simple instructions, and note that this is strictly voluntary.

    • Log in to MyOkanagan
    • Click the Connect tab on the left side menu
    • Go to the box tot he right of the screen, 'Update Your Info'
    • Self-identify 

    my okanagan self identify instructions

    update your info on my okanagan

    If you have questions about Aboriginal rights, benefits, treaties, land claims, or any other topics, try the INDIGENOUS AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS website: