Welcome to University Studies Arts at Okanagan College! 

If you’re interested in exploring ideas and acquiring a comprehensive education but also want to get started on your way toward a career, you’re in the right place. When you start with university studies Arts, you’re starting with your options wide open. The first two years of Arts at OC act as a pathway to further study and to a wide range of careers in fields such as education, environment, government, media, social services, and publishing. 

Check out the tabs to the left for information on the Associate of Arts Degree, one of our unique programs, and our selection of courses in subject areas such as Anthropology, Communications, Criminology, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, and Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies.  

One of the best things about starting in Arts at OC is the opportunity to transfer the course credits you earn here and put them to use in completing the degree of your choice at institutions across BC and beyond.  Other good things about OC?  Significantly smaller class sizes, affordable tuition, access to funding, and a range of free support services including advising counselling, Learning Centre tutors, Aboriginal mentors, and much more.