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From Rockets to cooking to chemistry, Camp OC programs drawing growing numbers
Okanagan College Media Release

Katana Litster July 2012Camp OC – Okanagan College’s summer camp for children and teens – continues to grow as a destination for learning and fun.

More than 800 children and teens are already registered to attend the nine weeks of camps in Kelowna this year, which provide a range of programs to meet a diverse set of interests. It’s the largest enrolment since the program started nine years ago.

In the CSI Meets OC course, they were busy last week solving crimes and learning cool science at the same time.

In the College’s woodworking shop, a devoted group of 11- to 13-year olds was busy constructing and finishing their own custom longboards, learning woodworking and design skills, while flexing their creativity on board adornments.

“It was really amazing, man,” opined 12-year-old Chad Snider, who put together a longboard (complete with wheels and trucks) in the weeklong program. “Everyone in class was really nice. The instructor was really good and really exciting. I learned about something I really loved.”

For 13-year-old Katana Litster – the only girl in the course – it was a chance to get to know more about something she tried at a skateboard park and an opportunity to build something she can share with her brother. And being in a class full of boys? “They were OK.”

“Camp OC has been building over the years,” says Jennifer Gorman, Associate Director of Continuing Studies at Okanagan College. “In 2005 there were 110 participants; now we have over 800.”

It is also offered in Salmon Arm and Penticton, and is drawing scores of kids to the College campuses there as well. About 96 students are expected to attend the Salmon Arm Lego and science camps, while more than 60 students are expected to come to camp in Penticton.

In Kelowna, some of the other courses that are running between now and the end of August include Amusement Park Physics (for Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-6), OC’s Acting Academy Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-6 and Chemistry with Ka-Boom (Grades 4-6). For those with a taste for the culinary arts, there are programs that focus on cooking for everyone from Grade 2 to Grade 9.

For those whose eyes wander to the sky, Camp OC even offers a Flight Academy (Aug. 13-17) at the Southern Interior Flight Centre, where Grade 7 to 9 students can learn about the theory of flight, airframes, engines and radio communications. There’s a half-hour flight over Kelowna that includes basic flight manoeuvres and a take-off and landing (that can be logged toward a real flying license).

In Salmon Arm, from Aug. 7-10 muggles aged eight years and older can participate in Harry Potter’s World of Wizardry Camp. Later in the month, a Lego program for six to nine-year-olds focuses on connecting the popular building blocks with robotics and computers to make Lego creations move (Aug. 13-17). From Aug. 20-24 a Lego Mindstorm program challenges the more advanced young robotic engineers (ages 10 and up).

Would-be digital animators have a chance to bring their interest to class in Penticton over the next weeks with a course for Grades 4-6 students running July 23, and another course for Grade 7-9 students starting Aug. 7. Other courses include: Motorized Mechanics (Grades 4-6, July 23), CSI Meets OC (Grades 4-6, July 30), Lego Contraptions (Grades 2-3, July 30), Amusement Park Physics and Engineering (Grades 4-6, July 30), Mini Van Gogh Art Academy (Grades 2-3, July 30), and Kids with Cameras Digital Photography (Grades 4-6, July 30).

And there’s still space available in some courses. To find out more or register, visit Camp OC’s website or call 250 862-5480.