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Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence Awards

Awards keep coming for College’s Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence

Okanagan College Media Release – June 26, 2012

Design awards from around the globe are stacking up for the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation at Okanagan College’s Penticton campus.
The eye-catching and energy-efficient building earned the building the International Architecture Awards’ Green GOOD DESIGN Award from the prestigious European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.
“The jury selected outstanding examples of Green Design from 27 nations,” said the Centre’s chief operating officer Kieran Conlon. Among those examples were the tranquil Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, the futuristic Stacking Green House in Vietnam, and the swooping glass Glasnevin Trust Museum in Dublin, and Okanagan College’s newest building, which is among the most sustainable buildings of its type in the world.
The International Architecture Awards date back to 1950 in Chicago – a wellspring of architectural design, and home to many buildings and residences crafted by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The award comes fast on the heels of three other awards for the College’s Centre of Excellence – two from the Illuminating Engineering Society, plus a Canadian Green Building Award from SAB (Sustainable Architecture Building) Magazine.
Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton said the awards are evidence of the value of the vision inherent in the project and reflect the high standards of the Centre’s design and construction team, exemplified by the firm CEI Architecture Planning Interiors of Vancouver.
“The College’s focus on sustainability inspired CEI and their designs. Those in turn inspired other project partners and the College and regional community,” Hamilton said. “The architects and our College worked in concert with PCL West Coast Constructors and a host of other creative companies to construct a building that is being recognized as one of the best in the world.”
The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, which represents more than 8,000 members across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, singled out the Jim Pattison Centre for Excellence for its Energy Award. In addition the IES’s B.C. chapter also granted the building its top Vision Award for the building’s lighting, which was overseen by Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd. of Vancouver.
“The lighting design team took a very unique balanced approach,” said Lynn Asselin, chair of the IESBC Awards panel. “They were able to bring in more daylight, preserve energy, yet still bring some nice aesthetics to the project. All this was quite remarkable, considering they delivered Platinum LEED standard within the confines of a Gold LEED budget.”
The Centre was also one of seven structures across the country to receive the 2012 SAB Award for the Canadian Green Building design. The building will be featured in the July/August issue of SABMagazine.
In announcing the award, juror Helen Goodland of Brantwood Consulting pointed to the Centre’s integrity, and environmental presence.
“The architecture has been well integrated with the environmental performance requirements,” Goodland said. “While they set out to create a Centre for Excellence in sustainability they’ve achieved that without overburdening the design.”
Earlier awards for the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence have included two Fortis BC awards for Leadership Excellence and Conservation. It was also one of two buildings chosen to represent Canada at the World Sustainable Building Conference held in Helsinki, Finland last year.
Steve Robinson, Okanagan College’s Director of Campus Planning and Facilities Management, said the awards show the difference that focused leadership can make.
“This building continues to be recognized around the world as an example of what can be achieved when organizations take the initiative to set goals beyond the norm and work with design professionals who have the ability and common purpose to achieve those goals,” he said.
For a full list of the Green GOOD DESIGN 2012 award winners, visit  and click on GOOD DESIGN.
To view a video of the building, along with hearing comments from the SAB Award jurors, visit