Garden Significance

First Nations people were ecologists before the term was ever coined. Over time they acquired an intimate knowledge of nature, knowing exactly where in its natural habitat to find a particular plant to meet a specific need. The project will pay tribute to this relationship between the First Nations and the plant world in a traditional garden. The vision for this garden is to create a learning and teaching space on the campus where First Nations people can share their historical knowledge and uses of local plants.

One of the founding principles of the garden is that it is critical to preserve local knowledge of the uses and value of the region's plants in order to ensure current and future generations will understand the past and can transfer that knowledge and appreciation into the future.

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Working with and learning from the Indigenous Community

Okanagan College's mission is to transform lives and communities. One of the College's key directions outlined in its most recent Strategic Plan is working with, and learning from, the Indigenous Community. 

The College is committed to continuing to build meaningful relationships with the Indigenous people of the region and outside the region, as well as to celebrate, honour, incorporate and value Indigenous knowledge and perspectives.

In 2017, more than 1,500 Indigenous students attend Okanagan College. The College includes First Nation's history and culture in our services and programs and the na’ʔk’ʷulamən garden will provide another opportunity to demonstrates that the College includes and respects Indigenous knowledge and culture.