Canada 150+ grant

The na’ʔk’ʷulamən  garden is the recipient of a Canada 150 grant of $5,000. Thank you to the City of Kelowna for supporting this important community project that will provide a welcome new cultural space for the Okanagan College community and the public.

The traditional garden at Okanagan College helps recognize and celebrate Canada's history by creating a garden that will: preserve the region's natural assets and landscape and celebrate cultural diversity by containing plants that are of past and current significance to the First Nations people of our region. As such it will be honouring, recording and sharing the history of the region and the First Nation's people. It will recognize and celebrate the rich history and knowledge of Indigenous people who are an integral part of our community. 

This Canada 150th anniversary project will confirm that the Okanagan is a community that cherishes Syilx cultural practices, recognizes the expertise and knowledge of the uses of these plants by the Syilx people, and establishes a teaching and learning space that all can embrace. The garden will showcase to the community at-large how local plants were used and valued in the past and still are today. 


Canada 150 projects in Kelowna

In 2017, Kelowna residents, along with all Canadians, will have an opportunity to mark Canada's 150th anniversary. Learn more about supported projects at