Student Stories

OC students share their volunteer experiences

Sam Yeo - Associate of Science degree program

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Sam, I'm in the Associate of Science degree program at OC and I'm originally from Penticton. 

sam yeo - volinspireWhat does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering is important to me because without volunteers many important programs/charities would not exist. It would be difficult to say you don't know someone who relies on these services and without them they would struggle. I like to remove some of the struggles people face by being there to lend a hand when I'm available and I like to be a part of events that work towards research in medicine. 

What organizations in the community do you volunteer with?

I volunteer at the Rutland Hospital Auxiliary Thrift shop and I've volunteered at events for the Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Inspire Health Supportive Cancer Care, Kelowna Santas in the past.

Why did you choose to sign up with Do Some Good?

I found a little piece of paper at school that said "Do you want to volunteer?" and it brought me to Do Some Good and with all these opportunities listed with all this information it made finding volunteer opportunities super easy.

How has Do Some Good made volunteering easier for you?

Everything is listed with all the information you'd need and you simply click apply and they get back to you. You can find opportunities that work within your schedule and for your beliefs and it's always being updated with new information. Being in school it was hard to find something to fit weekly in my timetable so I preferred to volunteer for events and Do Some Good tells you exactly what’s going on versus trying to Google for something so general. With Do Some Good it brings up a variety of opportunities and with that I've been able to volunteer for things I had no idea even occurred. Do Some Good allows you to keep track of your volunteer history so it's all in one place when you need to recall that information.  

Why it important to you to volunteer while being a student? How does it enrich your life/education, etc.?

Volunteering often makes your applications, resume etc. stand out over other similar ones. It also helps with applying for many scholarships that look for community service as an asset. In addition to this it's great to know you are making a difference in someone's life and it's a great way to meet people with similar interests. 

If you could tell people one thing about volunteering, what would it be?

That you definitely have time to volunteer even with your school and work filling up your schedule. It’s worthwhile to just pitch in a few hours per month and people are so appreciative of your help. You definitely will feel a sense of pride. Just get out there and volunteer doing something you enjoy and you'll have an excellent time doing it!


Karlyn Hanna-Blish

karlyn do some good 450pxMeet Karlyn. She is working with Okanagan College and Do Some Good to promote volunteerism for OC students.

Karlyn has a history of helping non-profits such as creating a youth summer program for the Salvation Army and helping kids learn about money management through Money Mentors.

Do you want to Do Some Good in the community? Click here to register as a volunteer. Interested in sharing your story on this page? Contact Allan Coyle for more information.

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