University Studies in Arts

Immerse yourself in different cultures, new perspectives and historical insights. Communicate in new ways and dig up answers to long-standing and emerging questions from yesterday’s and today’s world.

Develop your critical thinking and research skills with the two-year Associate of Arts Degree at OC. This program has more than 190 courses in 22 subject areas and will prepare you to go on to future education and rewarding careers in social work, publishing, education, counselling, media, criminology and more.

Meet Paige

Arts-PaigeI think my love of travelling and experiencing other cultures is definitely the reason why I’m so passionate about history. For me, culture and history are so well connected, you can’t have one without the other.

Last semester I enrolled in a Chinese history class and I can’t say I knew much about the culture, languages or history beforehand. I was so inspired by my professor and the immersive history that I decided to book a flight to China and spend a month backpacking around the country, visiting all of the historical sites we learned about in class. The trip marked the 20th country I’ve been to.

I really feel like the College gave me a deeper level of learning and a lot of that is thanks to the professors. Education is so important and such a big investment, so to see professors who are so vibrant about what they teach and passionate about helping students be successful is simply amazing.

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The professors teaching at OC in Salmon Arm are outstanding. They could easily be teaching at a big-name university in busy city hubs across the world, but they’re here, giving me and every other student hands-on experience and undivided attention. 
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Paige Hurtubise I Associate of Arts, History