University Studies in Arts

Immerse yourself in different cultures, new perspectives and timely historical insights. Communicate in new ways and dig up answers to long-standing and emerging questions facing today’s world.

Develop your critical thinking and research skills with the two-year Associate of Arts Degree at OC. This program has more than 300 courses in 23 subject areas and will prepare you to go on to future education and rewarding careers in social work, publishing, education, counselling, media, criminology and more.

Meet Zulma


I was born in Bogota, Colombia. My country is a beautiful place with all kinds of climates, fruits and colours. I like to describe it as a place with warm people and great variety. It was essential for me to choose a place that would make me feel safe and welcome. Canada is a great place not only because of the high-level education and professional opportunities but also because it is within the Canadian culture to celebrate diversity and offer equal opportunities to all. 

I love how flexible the Advance Certificate in Communication program is, how we can tailor it to our professional needs and expectations. It was vital for me to be able to build my professional portfolio as well as become more knowledgeable in all areas of communications. 

It is fascinating to me how language and communications are a never-ending field of study. We are always communicating and reading everything around us, that's the beauty and wonder of studying communications: how we can use that essential skill to better the world.

Zulma Suarez-Lopez I Advanced Certificate in Communication


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Coming to OC is hands down the best educational experience I’ve ever had. I love how flexible the programming is at the College, the community spirit and that everyone is willing to help you with whatever you need. You can tailor OC to the experience you’re looking for.
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Zulma Suarez-Lopez I Advanced Certificate in Communication