Kick off your career as an animator, IT professional, mechanical, electronic or civil engineering tech., water treatment plant operator or a sustainable construction manager. Get job-ready education with the technical know-how, versatile skills, training and real-world experience you’ll acquire through Okanagan College’s technology programs.

Meet Anna
Viewbook AnnaWhy Animation?
Animation is my life. It’s the thing I’m certain I was born to do. For me, it’s always come back to drawing and one day I realized I could do it for a living. I’ve been pursuing my goal of becoming an animator ever since.

How was your first year of study?
I’ve changed a lot since I started studying here and have come into my own. My skill has improved astronomically, my designs have become more sophisticated and I know what I’m looking for when I draw something.

Best part about this program?
The equipment is amazing. I’ve only ever had the small art tablets and the really rudimentary drawing programs. It’s a special experience to work and learn cutting-edge equipment.

Anna Harestad I Animation

Meet Ken
Viewbook KenHow has this program prepared you for a successful career?
We get a lot of hands-on experience. After learning the proper foundations, we move on to projects that reflect what we may get in the industry, even using assets from real shows. We also get to know people working in the industry, which is helpful for starting a career.

How have you benefitted from the mentorship?
The mentorship program has been amazing. It’s been great to be able to have someone in the industry to answer my questions and they’re also really cool people to learn from. My mentors are super nice and encouraging and I always learn something new whenever we meet.

Ken Ackerman I Animation