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Meet Myles

Viewbook MylesWhy did you choose to study at Okanagan College?
I chose to study here because the program is flexible with my schedule while playing Junior Hockey and gives me a healthy balance to continue to work on mental health awareness.

What are your biggest passions in life?
I’m passionate about hockey and mental health advocacy. I’ve been playing hockey since I was five and my dream is to play in the NHL. I’ve also been a mental health advocate since age 14 and it’s the most amazing and fulfilling work I’ve ever done. I also think education is power and know that if hockey doesn’t work out for me or say I got an injury and couldn’t play anymore, I need a solid education to fall back on. I want to set myself up for success.

What has been your favourite achievement in your life so far?
I was in Grade 9 when I did my first presentation on mental health and for the first while, nobody really took me seriously. I’ve come a long way since then and have really developed my voice. I’ve proudly presented at Rogers Arena in Vancouver in front of 1,500 students, been a Jack Talks speaker and I recently received recognition for my work on mental health advocacy from the Prime Minister. It’s so rewarding to see the work I’m doing is making a difference for mental health.

How has your experience been at OC?
It’s truly been great and I want to encourage any athlete who is pursuing their sport to attend OC to get an education while following their passion at the same time.
The learning is flexible and you can definitely find a healthy balance without having
to compromise on education or training. This is a quality institution and every single professor is willing to go the extra mile to support you.

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I heard great things about the College and that the transition from high-school to post-secondary learning was smoother – and it was.
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Myles Mattila I Bachelor of Business Administration
Kelowna Chiefs junior hockey player and mental health advocate