International Education

Global perspectives and experiences give students an edge in today’s connected world. More than 1,700 students from 63 countries study at four campuses, learning Indigenous and Canadian culture while building relationships with peers all over the globe. Enjoy an immersive experience at Okanagan College including small class sizes, student-centred instruction and quality learning supports.

Viewbook LuizMeet Luiz

What has been your favourite part of studying here?
The support. When I came here I didn’t expect there to be so much help and not just from the International Department, from every person I met. One of the best surprises for me was the Library team who bent over backwards to help me in my education.

Have your professors supported you?
My professors are very supportive and encouraging. I’m formally trained as an Animator and one of my professors went out of her way to write me an amazing letter of recommendation to use to job-hunt with. The letter gave me the extra edge and after weighing a few job offers, I decided to accept a summer position at a high-profile moving picture company in Montréal.

What has been the most fun experience so far in your program?
I took a Communications class last semester on Professional Sports. Being from Brazil soccer is in my blood and I was able to share some of my cultural background with my classmates. We also went to see a live hockey game, which was a fantastic opportunity to experience one of Canada’s most beloved sports.

Viewbook ManpreetMeet Manpreet

How has your experience at OC been?
It has been great. Okanagan College is the best for international students. There are librarians who helped me a lot and course instructors also. I like their way of teaching.

What are you doing on campus to get involved?
At OC, there are lot of activities that I have enjoyed. Every week they hold some recreational activities like dog therapy and stress buster activities with games and prizes.

Have you experienced practical learning in your program?
Some of my courses have practical experience in which we do exercises and learn about human anatomy and physiology, upper and lower body exercises, how to strengthen muscles and maintain your posture. The Human Kinetics program encourages me to do physical activity as part of a daily routine for healthy well-being, which is a good thing.

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