Food, Wine and Tourism

Let your senses guide you to career opportunities worth savouring. Add renowned chefs and experienced winemakers to state-of-the-art learning facilities in a region with award-winning vineyards and destination amenities, and you get a recipe for success in the food, wine and tourism industries.

Choose from a range of programs in Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, and Viticulture and Wine Studies that will prepare you to provide outstanding experiences for guests, from crafting delicious farm-to-table dishes to uncovering flavour nuances in wine.

Meet Siobhan
Viewbook Siobhan

Favourite experience at OC?
They [Chefs] did everything to make sure I got the experience I needed to go out, network and build my brand as a chef.

Best experience in this program?
Getting to participate in the various culinary competitions. The Canadian Culinary Championships Gold Medal Plates competition is held at OC every year and students get to work with the competing chefs. I worked on a team with three other students helping Chef Alex Chen (of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver, B.C.) and we helped him prepare his dishes. Chef Chen won the championship and was named the best chef in Canada. After the competition, he offered me a job at his restaurant. I also competed and won bronze at Skills Canada.

What was your biggest accomplishment?
Being the youngest person at OC to complete Professional Cook Level 3, the Red Seal level. I came into this program at age 16 as a dual-credit student in high school. The program is so immersive, the chefs push you to be more creative than before and they challenge you to work with new product you aren’t familiar with. It has really brought more light to my career and I’ve got a great head start on my future.

Siobhan Detkavich I Culinary Arts, 
Professional Cook Level 3 Skills Canada bronze winner

Meet Leigh

Viewbook LeighWhy Pastry Arts?
I’ve always loved baking. My grandma has a ton of fruit trees and once a big vegetable garden on her property and I used to spend a few weeks each summer visiting her. My favourite part was – and still is – to be in the kitchen with her, learning how to make amazing food. She taught me her own recipes and even traditional Russian recipes passed down to her from her grandma.
It really fostered my love of baking and going into Pastry Arts allows me to express my artistic side.

What do you like about chocolate work?
It’s different. Specialty chocolates are a craft industry in Europe that hasn’t been fully adopted in North America yet. When I was in Belgium and France, I fell in love with these chocolate shops that specialize in one thing and do it so well. Chocolate is one ingredient but the flavour combinations are endless. Yes, I’m a trained Pastry Chef but I actually specialize as a Chocolatier.

Best part about studying at OC?
The creative freedom and individuality. If you successfully completed your assignment ahead of time, the chef allowed you to make or learn something outside the curriculum, something that interested you. There were a lot of opportunities to get involved in the industry as well. In fact, the first time I fell in love with chocolate work was when I volunteered to help the chef with an event that required bonbons.

Leigh Holubuff  I  Pastry Arts (2015), Chocolatier
Pastry Chef at Big White Ski Resort