Computer Science

Focus your education on the latest trends, find solutions and stay ahead of the curve as you learn the technical, practical and theoretical skills employers look for in the competitive tech industry.

In both the four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree and two-year diploma programs, students learn from industry-leading instructors, work with the latest equipment and systems and gain practical experience working on projects with local companies.

Take advantage of industry connections and co-op work experience and enter the workforce feeling confident in your future.

Meet Sally


I grew up in a town called Bearsden which is a suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. I had just graduated from my university program and decided to spend a year in Canada travelling and working before finding a permanent job. However, I ended up starting a family and moving here permanently. Once my son was old enough to begin elementary school, I wanted to focus on my own career again and decided that the CIS Diploma program would be a good option to help me find a job in the technology sector.

I have really enjoyed learning computer programming and have found it a great way to build on the skills I already learned in my Math and Physics degree. I like that there are small class sizes and I have found that the instructors are accessible, friendly and happy to help outside of class hours.

Sally Nimmo I Diploma in Computer Information Systems