Computer Science

Focus your education on the latest trends, find solutions and stay ahead of the curve as you learn the technical and theoretical skills employers look for in the competitive tech industry. Bursting with start-ups and innovative leading technology firms, the Okanagan’s billion-dollar tech sector is home to more than 633 tech companies, employs 7,500 people and is constantly growing.

In the four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree and two-year diploma programs students learn from industry-leading professors, work with the latest equipment and systems and gain practical experience working on projects with local companies.

Take advantage of industry connections and co-op work experience and enter the workforce feeling confident in your future.

Meet Junior

Viewbook JuniorI’m originally from Jamaica and because of my mom’s job we moved around a lot. Before coming to Kelowna eight years ago, I lived in the United States for many years – in South Carolina, Connecticut and most recently New York.

She bought me a laptop around age nine which I used to keep connected with friends whenever we moved to a new place. I got into online games and, around age 11, I transitioned to creating and programming my own games with a few of my friends. From that moment on, I knew I loved coding and everything in my life always came back to computers.

Kelowna is such a beautiful place to live and the education I received at Okanagan College has been of the highest quality. My degree is so versatile and I can work anywhere I want. For myself, I see a future in the project management sector of programming where I can work in a team, engage with clients and problem solve both on screen and off. I’m pretty excited to see what’s next.