Social Media Account Application

Completing the following application will provide you with a strong foundation to build and maintain your social media presence, or may help you determine whether or not undertaking a social media account on behalf of your department, team or faculty is the best choice at this time.

After completing this process, Public Affairs will review the material and provide feedback and/or authorization about your official College account. 

The following criteria shall be considered when there is a request to establish an official College-hosted social media account:

-       Whether the use of the social media channel being requested supports the College’s mission, vision and values.

-       Whether engagement with the intended audience adds value to both the College and the audience.

-       Whether an existing account in the same or similar name or belonging to the same or similar group already exists.

-       Whether the requestor and/or the College has appropriate resources to maintain the account.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Dodd, Digital Content and Social Media Specialist.

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I have received approval from my Dean or Director to administer this account on behalf of Okanagan College.
Okanagan College has a social media policy. Have you read the policy and agree to its terms?

Thank you for submitting your social media account application. Public Affairs will be in touch shortly.