Student Success & Projects


Student Success and Student Projects

Showcase of Student Projects

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Here we showcase, and celebrate, the work of past and present Indigenous students at Okanagan College. There will be essays, videos, art work, and student projects. Additionally, we post success stories of  Indigenous student learners at Okanagan College.

The goal is to highlight the work that students have done while at Okanagan College, which in turn highlights the benefit of post-secondary education for Indigenous student learners.

If you have something you would like to submit to us, please send an email and we will get back to you.

Bill Cohen - Project Lead:
Tina Miller - Research Assistant:


Stephanie Erickson    Thunder Mitchell



The essays included here will be submitted from students within different programs at OC.



Some of the projects in the programs allow students to create videos as part of their projects - this is where we will post videos that are submitted to us.


Art Work

This is where we will post images of what students have either drawn, created in animation, or items that have been made such as: drums, beaded work, regalia etc.


Construction, Carpentry, Metalwork or Other Trades Projects

There were 181 Aboriginal students in trades programs in 2014. 

The students have completed their programs at OC, in their communities and at NVIT with the Rotating Trades Program.
Below are some pictures of some of their projects for class or in their work as apprentices, including Home for Learning, WFN youth centre, individual carpentry or other projects, culinary arts etc. Our apprentices are literally building communities.


CCWAB (Construction Craft Worker Aboriginal Bridging program)
Students working with Habitat for Humanity

CCWAB                            CCWAB


Students working with WIBCO (a Westbank First Nation company)
at the WFN Site for their new Youth centre

WFN                            WFN


Success Stories

Three indigenous student successesHere are some of our indigenous students. Click to see how Okanagan College has supported, encouraged and inspired the students and their lives.
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