Golden Day of Service Q & A

Okanagan College Golden Day of Service
Q & A

What is the Golden Day of Service?

The Golden Day of Service is an event that has been created to recognize five decades of service to the communities in which we live and work.  To honour the many contributions of our employees and students, the Golden Day will bring as many employees and students together as possible in the spirit of service to others. Employees and students are being asked to volunteer for an organization, project or event that is meaningful to them. It will be an important reminder of the collective service of our College and the impact we have when we work together.

When is it taking place?

The Golden Day of Service will take place during regular Okanagan College working hours on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. This falls during Reading Week, which will allow more faculty and students to participate, and will cause less disruption to regular College activities than it would during a school day.

Can I participate on a different day?

Many Okanagan College employees routinely engage in volunteer work but the Golden Day of Service is only being held on Friday, Feb. 14. All volunteer work during that day will be recorded and amalgamated to create the largest impact on our communities as possible.

What is considered volunteer work?

A list of approved projects will be posted online at: Any of those projects are considered appropriate for the Golden Day of Service, but all volunteer work that is meaningful to employees or students will be accepted for the Golden Day. If you have a charity or cause that is important to you, you can make arrangements to volunteer on your own.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Visit to review a list of projects in your area. Community organizations have been asked to submit projects for which they require volunteers. These projects will be posted and employees and students can sign up online to help.

Can I volunteer in a group?

Yes. We are encouraging departments to get together to brainstorm and come up with projects that may be fitting for their skill set or enthusiasm.

I am part of a regular volunteer activity. Can I encourage others at the College to assist in my activities?

Yes. You can register your project or activity on our site. Go to and submit the details of your project. Once reviewed, it will be posted and others will have the opportunity to sign up to help.

Is everyone able to participate?

Everyone is encouraged to participate but as the College will still be open to the public during the day, some employees will be required to work to ensure the College is still operational. Employees should talk to their managers and co-workers to find ways to get involved while still maintaining operations.

Does my volunteer activity have to be approved by anyone?

Your activity has to be approved by your supervisor and must be submitted online so it can be recorded and your volunteer hours counted. Visit after Monday, Jan. 20 to sign up for volunteer work (even if you are volunteering for a project that is not registered. For example, you want to go to the SPCA to walk dogs for two hours…get approval from your supervisor and then sign up to record where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing. It will help us understand the full scope of volunteer work undertaken by the College community.)

Why is the College doing this?

During the past 50 years Okanagan College and its employees have had a tremendous effect on the people and communities in the regions in which we operate. The Golden Day of Service will serve as a reminder of just how much Okanagan College has transformed lives and communities since 1963 and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to fulfilling our mission.