Event Planning and Protocol
Venue Okanagan College


Determining a Location
  • Which venues are available on the dates and times you have identified?
  • How many people will be attending and what is the seating capacity?
  • Will you require a sound system or other audio/visual support and is there a fee to use it? Can the location accommodate the equipment you need?
  • Are there any contractual requirements that need to be met?  E.g. a donor states in their award agreement that they wish to have their event in the classroom they are naming.
  • Can you serve food and alcohol?
  • Will you be encroaching on space used by students?
  • Will the noise from your event impact classes?
  • If the event is outside will you be able to move to an inside location if the weather changes?
  • Can the room accommodate persons with disabilities?
  • Is parking available for guests?

Setting up your Space
  • How should the room be configured?
  • If you have a stage can the entire audience see it from their seat?
  • Is there a podium?
  • What space is available for catering staging?
  • If you have a table for food, can it be located to ensure the greatest amount of traffic flow?
  • Is there space for your guests to mingle and talk to each other?
  • Do you need a reception table or table for other things such as a silent auctions?
  • Is there enough space between the chairs? (This can be a concern if the event is a dinner and guests need room to get up from the table.)
  • Will you need to decorate the room with plants or flowers, stage backdrop, or lighting?
Facilities, Equipment and Services
  • Ensure you check with Facilities Management and book the space well in advance of your event.
  • Please submit an online work request to Facilities Management at least seven days in advance if you require room setup. You can do this by logging into myOkanagan. It may be useful to attach a diagram of your room setup.
  • Book AV equipment with IT Services or an alternate vendor. Log into myOkanagan to submit a work request at least seven days in advance of the event.
  • Are keys needed or will the room be unlocked?
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