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Commissioning original photography

You might want to use images from your event in future print or web materials, so consider arranging for a photographer. Hiring a photographer is often the most expensive option and not usually necessary for an internal event. If you choose to hire a professional photographer a list of approved photography vendors is available by contacting Public Affairs.

The most cost-effective solution to capturing images from your event is to take photos yourself or assign a staff member or volunteer to take shots. Public Affairs and each of the Regional Dean’s Offices have high quality cameras that can be borrowed for events.

Public Affairs Image Database

Other options include using internal stock photography - you will have greater control over the art and the faculty, students, and staff in these pictures are actually from Okanagan College. Public Affairs maintains a growing collection of campus and student images. To access a specific photo or series of images, please contact Public Affairs’ Len Nickel or John Wecels.

Inexpensive off-campus solutions

You might wish to use a royalty free stock photography and illustration microsite such as StockXpert or iStockphoto, where you can either pay for images (typically just a few dollars per photo) or contribute to their library in exchange for downloading privileges. The images are taken by a variety of photographers so the quality varies. If you're in doubt as to whether a particular image will work well on press, ask one of Public Affairs' graphic designers.
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