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Event Planning and Protocol
Event Timeline Okanagan College

Careful planning can help ensure your event runs smoothly from beginning to end.  Use the following timeline as a guide to keep the planning process as stress-free as possible. You may also download a pdf checklist to assist in your planning.

Two months to one year before the event

  • Reserve date on key players’ calendars
  • Provide Public Affairs with notice of the event
  • Develop guest list
  • Reserve venue (on campus or off?)
  • Arrange food and beverages (caterer?)
  • Book entertainment if relevant
  • Arrange for equipment:
    • PA system
    • Podium
    • Stage
    • Flags
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Projector/Screen
    • TV/DVD
    • Lighting
    • Flowers
    • Plants

Four to six weeks before the event

  • Develop invitations and other print materials - work with Public Affairs graphic designers John Wecels or Len Nickel to draft an invitation. See the following sample invites: Sample one, sample two, sample three.
  • Send invitations.

One month before the event

  • Provide Public Affairs and the President's Office with briefing note.
  • Develop event plan.
  • Confirm speakers and emcee (considerations for speakers and role of emcee, who will develop speaking notes, etc.)
  • Finalize menu, review venue setup, arrival time, etc with caterer.
  • Arrange photographer or videographer
  • Make arrangements to provide parking
  • Submit work requests to Facilities and IT Services.

One week before the event

  • Place RSVP follow-up calls to confirm final number of attendees
  • Connect with caterer to finalize arrangements and make any special arrangements (known allergies, food preferences).  Review with caterer: serving order, outline of event such as the timing of remarks, etc.
  • Print materials - name tags, program, place cards, certificates or seating assignments
  • If media is to attend, connect with Public Affairs to send advisory, finalize any press releases, prepare media kits.
  • Ensure clean-up requirements will be met.
  • Develop seating plan.

Day of the event

  • Do scan to ascertain if other events beyond your control will detract from your event
  • Decorate and arrange materials at venue – flag protocol
  • Test equipment such as audio/video
  • Brief the event’s key players
  • Review RSVP list to identify VIPs as they arrive and update list of “must-mentions” for emcee.
  • Event coordinators ensure that all guests are accommodated

After the event

  • Evaluate the event and request feedback from those that attended
  • Send thank you notes and acknowledgements
  • Send info and photo (if applicable) to Inside Okanagan College
  • Clean-up and leave the space as you found it
  • If requested Public Affairs will share media hits with you
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