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Event Plan 

An event plan is an internal document used by event organizers, emcees and speakers to coordinate a public speaking event or announcement. A well-crafted event plan will include the names of speakers and their titles and references the key messages that each will provide, including an overview of what the emcee will provide by way of background, introductions, etc.

The more effort invested beforehand in choreographing an event, the smoother it will appear to the audience. Part of that choreography is clear and consistent communication. As they are developed, event plans should be shared among those participating in the formal program, but not be distributed beyond that group, in case last-minute alterations or changes are required.

Media should not be provided detailed event plans, although for photography, interview and information purposes, they can be provided a general breakdown of what is expected to take place.

When developing your event plan, remember that the object is to minimize the length of speeches and the number of speakers and still deliver important messages and acknowledge important contributors or players. It is difficult to always balance the need to deliver messages with the importance of acknowledging people’s contributions and interest in an event.

  • How many (if any) speakers will you have, and in what order will they speak?
    •    How much time will be allotted to each speaker?
  • If a program is to be held in conjunction with a meal, consider scheduling speakers between courses.
  • Who will serve as emcee?
  • Will anyone need AV equipment?
  • Have you followed the appropriate campus protocol for speaking order.
  • Will guests and/or audience need handouts?

Review a sample event plan
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