50 People Who Made A Difference

50th logo 200 wideFrom a current student to former Board chairs, from advocates to trail builders, from instructors to administrators, the list of people who have been nominated and chosen as 50 People Who Have Made A Difference is an impressive amalgam of expertise, drive, and commitment.

“The names and faces of the 50 People Who Have Made a Difference really encompass what distinguishes Okanagan College, especially when you think about all the other people we’ve honoured in other ways,” says Okanagan College Board Chair Tom Styffe. “Those names speak to connections and contributions to the community by staff, students, alumni, and speak of members of the community who have had a very real hand in supporting the development of the College over the years.” Many of these people are featured in Ross Freake's OUC Memoirs.

The following are the names and faces of those who have been chosen by the committee from the nominations submitted as the 50 People Who Have Made a Difference:


Marcia J. Aitkens

Bill MacLeod

Theresa Arsenault

Marlene McCallum

Keith Bevington

Sharon McCoubrey

Barbara Bowmar

Rory McIvor

William (Bill) Boyd

Beverly McNamara

Whitney Buggey

Marie Molloy

Rod Charlesworth

Peter Murray

Peter Dill

Sareena Sharma Nickoli

Les Ellenor

Stephen W. Robinson

Norm Embree

Reid Schretlen

Terry Flannigan

Gary Schwartz

Garry Gaudet

Lane Shupe

Kate Gilchrist

Maureen Stephens

Dave Goodall

Paul Stephenson

Walter Gray

Heather Stewart

Marjorie Harris

Nelson Stromgren

Rick Hirtle

Larry Taylor

Michael Irwin

Edna Terbasket

Nelson Jatel

Rick Sheldon Thorpe

Murray Johnson

Clyde Tucker

Kara Kazimer

Drew Vincent

Graham Kershaw

Maury Williams

Robert Koehle

Tony Williams

John E. Leech

Russ Winslade

John Lent

Gwen Zilm


While looking at the list of nominees, the Committee quickly came to realize that while there was a rich collection to inform the list of 50 People Who Made a Difference, there were many more who could–and should–be recognized for their contributions to the institutions and service to the community.

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May 30, 2014, and the profiles of those who are nominated will be shared on the website.


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