Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is eduroam? A list of eduroam affiliated Canadian institutions can be found here. The eventual goal is to link with the global eduroam community comprised of over 450 institutions across 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Is it safe to use eduroam?  eduroam wireless networks implement WPA2/AES. This ensures that the wireless portion of your connection is secure; however, you should still continue to use protocols that provide end-to-end encryption such as HTTPS and SSH.

How do I get support for eduroam? Visitors wishing to connect to eduroam must acquire support from their home institution.  Institutions hosting eduroam connectivity are not required to provide support to visiting guest users. Okanagan College faculty, staff and students, please contact the Okanagan College Help Desk for assistance.

Where can I find out more information about eduroam? You can visit the Canadian eduroam site for more information on the Canadian implementation. For information on the global eduroam initiative, you can visit the eduroam.org site.

Help & Support

We are aware of existing wireless problems in our current infrastructure at all campus, and are currently working to improve services.  Stay tuned updates from IT Services. 

Call our IT Services Help Desk during business hours for support:  250-762-5445 ext 4444, Toll Free:  1-866-839-4032.