Technology Tools to Assess Learners

Top Three Tools:

Name: OC Moodle Quiz Activity

Description: your students can take quizzes online and obtain marks and feedback immediately if so desired.

How are faculty using this tool? Faculty Stories coming soon!

How do I get started? See these three screencasts -  . creating a quizcreate quiz questions and getting questions into a quiz

What support is available? The screencasts above are great resources and you can also ask edtech for help. We can also help import questions from a publisher's test bank.

Name: OpenEd  Word Press Multi Sitelinks to external site

Description: your students can build an e-portfolio over time that meets the privacy laws of BC because these sites are hosted in TRU facilities in Kamloops.

How are faculty using this tool? Faculty stories coming soon!

How do I get started? Contact Edtech and we will help you get started.

What support is available? Contact Edtech and we can help.

Name: Zipgrade

Description: Zipgrade is an alternative to bubble sheet software. Use your phone or tablet to grade multiple choice assessments and give immediate feedback.

How are faculty using this tool?  Faculty stories coming soon!

How do I get started? Download the app from Zipgrade.comlinks to external site

What support is available? Zipgrade has a FAQ sectionlinks to external site and the tool is quite easy to use.

Other Tools To Consider

Name Type of Assessment How to Access
Quizlet Flash Cards quizlet.comlinks to external site
Cram Flash Cards cram.comlinks to external site
Moodle Assignment Online assignment OC Moodle
Turnitin Assignment Online Assignment with Plagiarism Checking OC Moodle
StudyBlue Flash cards studyblue.comlinks to external site
Workshop Activity Peer review assignment  OC Moodle
Glossary Activity Have students build a glossary together OC Moodle
Database Activity Build a simple database and have students add records OC Moodle
Hot Potatoes Activity Build fun, unique question types to assess student knowledge OC Moodle