6C's for Online Learner Success

Wordle: 5Cs


This describes the viewpoint needed when taking an online course. The course will last approximately 14 weeks and in order to be a successful online learner you have to be continually committed, courageous, clear, communicative and clicking with technology constantly.


In order to be successful as an online student you must be committed to the course and to your goal of succeeding as an online student.


Learning online is different and new to some people and it takes courage to try something new. Believe that you can succeed.


This is the C word for focus. As an online learner you have to have clarity on what you need to do and how to get it done. Use time management techniques to make sure there are no surprises.


There is lots of reading & writing when you are learning online so skills in this area are important but it is essential to communicate and interact with your fellow students and your teacher. Everyone likes it when they are in the loop


Online learning takes advantage of technology and the online student must be comfortable with technology. Think of it as a method to access great resources and experiences that your professor and your fellow online learners.