Interesting Videos

video: Learning Outcomes and Why They're Worth Having

video: The Death of Lecture

Audio: CBC interview 

Michael Laiskonis, creative director of the Institute of Culinary Education, about how IBM's famous supercomputer can help you decide what's for dinner 11:13

Does this have an application to teaching and learning? Perhaps pairing learning outcomes with instructional techniques?

Video: History of Instructional Technology

Told as a bedtime story (very creative!) -an excellent example of digital storytelling - and shows that our field has been around for a long time.

Video: A Video Conference Call in Real life

Despite it being an advertisement for a web conferencing company this is a humorous yet somewhat accurate representation of what a web conference could be like - and the importance of etiquette. Unexpected things will happen in a web conference - its how you handle them that is most important.

Video: Under the Surface

Empathy is a very important subject and sometimes hard to teach. This video is moving and very effective in conveying empathy as a key value in learning, teaching & life.