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Provocative quotes from Making Sense of Blended Learning:
  • "institutions should not waste money on trying to re-create the impression of live, face-to-face instruction by investment in expensive remote classroom systems for synchronous instruction">
  • "teaching in higher education is still a cottage industry where one individual is responsible for all stages of production and delivery"

One-Stop Shopping for (Free) Virtual Reality Contentlinks to external site
Article about Drexel University's repository of VR and AR Objects - to be used in both classroom and online environments

Can a Family of Bots Reshape College Teaching?links to external site
Article about a computer science professor who designed chatbots for his artificial intelligence online course and asked students to identify the chat bots from human teaching assistants. Not all students could.

The Important Distinction Between 'Digital' and 'Technology-Enabled' Learninglinks to external site
This article is targeted towards corporate learning (L&D) but if you exchange these words with "higher education" you can see that this topic really applies to our environment as well. "Digital, today, does not mean the application of technology. It means user-centricity [learner centredness]; it means adding value to the customer [learner]'s journey..."

2018 Horizon Report
This report, now produced by Educause, highlights trends in education technology, estimated time to adoption and presenting challenges.

New Virtual Reality School Hopes To Educate Canadianslinks to external site
Empathy is sometimes hard to teach and Canadian Residential Schools is a challenging topic to address and understand. Some researchers from the University of Manitoba are using an immersive environment to build a virtual residential school to allow learners to experience what it might have felt like from the student's perspective. 

The History of Augmented and Virtual Realitylinks to external site

Who knew that augmented and virtual reality went back to 1838? 

Ten Facts About Learning Analytics
Excellent fact sheet about learning analytics from Contact North. I like fact #1 - learning analytics are aimed at improving teaching and learning.

Mitigating Conflict in Online Student Teamslinks to external site
Practical article about how to handle conflict in online teams when you are the professor.

Athabasca University reaches deal with cloud-computing giant Amazonlinks to external site
Now this is innovative and out of the box thinking. It will be interesting to see what develops out of this relationship

Ten Facts About Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learninglinks to external site
Nice succinct article about the main aspects of AI and how it applies to learning and teaching in higher education. With references.

84 year old Texas Woman is About To Earn Her College Degree
I like these stories - shows that you are never too old to learn. Online learning played a role here in removing barriers to learn which makes this story extra cool.

It's just not possible: education officials concerned about changes announcedlinks to external site
Interesting reaction to a recently announced change in the Ontario High School Curriculum that requires students to take at least 4 online courses out of the 30 they need to graduate.

A New Pedagogy is Emerging....links to external site
Thorough article from Contact North about how technology is changing the way we teach & learn.

The Assumption that Online Teaching is Cheaperlinks to external site
Online learning has a lot of great benefits for learners and educators but being cheap is not one of them.

What robots and AI may mean for university lecturers and studentslinks to external site
Fascinating article - meet Yuki the robot lecturer teaching in Marburg, Germany.

2019 Horizon Reportlinks to external site
What is next on the horizon for education technology in higher education. Includes a new section called "Fail or Scale" where writers look back on past predictions.

Video for learning: Today and Tomorrowlinks to external site
Accurate article on the use of video in learning - how it has changed  and how it is being used in learning today. Interesting comment about the  high level of quality students expect today. 

Coming of Age in the Age of AIlinks to external site
Introducing Generation Alpha

A Closer Look at ELI 15 Key Issues of Teaching and Learning 2019links to external site
The Association for the Advancement of Computing om Education (AACE) looks at Educause's Top 15 key issues of teaching & learning (2019). Great questions after each key issue.

Tony Bates: Back to the Futurelinks to external site
Tony Bates, a well known education technology pioneer writes about his experience at the 25th Annual ETUG conference in Kamloops, BC. Fascinating introduction where he goes over technology that was not around when ETUG got its start.

How Students with Depression Experience Online Learninglinks to external site
Interesting article with practical advice on online course design that would help: clear and simple design.

Online, redefined: SFU takes online learning to a new level of engagementlinks to external site
All online learning should be interactive and instructor led.

What is Instructional Designlinks to external site
Excellent recap of what instructional design is and the different models used.

Will AI replace university lecturers?links to external site
Interesting AI article. "Teaching is too creative for computers".

Rethinking the Context of Edtechlinks to external site
The sociology of edtech - thinking about the messy, multidimensional whole.