Education Technology is pleased to announce that Collaborate Ultra is now available to Okanagan College faculty, staff and students.

How is BB Collaborate Ultra different than BB Collaborate Classic?

The main difference is BB Collaborate Ultra is easy to access. Students click on a link provided - or they click on the Collaborate activity in Moodle - and they are taken right to the web conference. Both moderator and participant will still need a good USB headset but they do not need to download the driver. There is also a mobile app available.

There are more teaching activities available in BB Collaborate Classic - such as quizzes and the ability to copy the whiteboard from a breakout room to the main room -but in BB Ultra you can still share content, chat, create polls and create breakout rooms.

Please note that BB Collaborate Classic is still available to Okanagan College Faculty and Staff but our primary web conferencing tool is BB Collaborate Ultra. If you prefer Classic please contact mminions@okanagan.bc.ca or rmckerlich@okanagan.bc.ca.

How do I get a BB Collaborate Ultra room?

If it is for a class that you are teaching at Okanagan College, go to the Moodle course, turn editing on and add "Collaborate " Activity.  Note that the student ("participant" ) role has to be edited from BB Ultra to allow the students to participate.  For instructions see this short screencast or check the Moderator Quick Reference guide (link below).

If you would like a BB Ultra room that is outside of Moodle please contact mminions@okanagan.bc.ca or rmckerlich@okanagan.bc.ca.

How do I use BB Collaborate Ultra?

Please see the following link links to external sitefor some videos about Moderating in Collaborate Ultra.

Please see this link links to external sitefor student instructions.

Thank you to  Royal Roads and UBC ETS for sharing their Collaborate Ultra resources.

BB Collaborate Ultra Training

Below are some recordings of collaborate ultra sessions put on for Okanagan College by Blackboard: 


Recording from December 11thlinks to external site
Recording from December 12thlinks to external site
Recording from January 17thlinks to external site

Beyond the Basics

Recording Part 2 Jan 24links to external site
Recording Part 1 Jan 24links to external site

Increasing Web Conference Success

Increasing Web Conference Success Feb 20 Recordinglinks to external site