Same time Learning

There are several technologies available to facilitate same time online learning. Note that we focus on real time learning - not  campus events.

BB Collaborate Logo

Our main synchronous (same time) learning tool is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra which is integrated with Moodle or can stand alone.  If you would like your own "stand alone" synchronous space contact or

Blue Jeans -  an online meeting tool provided in part by BC Campus - could also be used for learning purposes but Blackboard Collaborate is preferred. Click the logo above to learn more.

Live Streaming for Learning

Live streaming is an option to allow others who are not in the class to watch the events of the class online in real time. Depending on the technology used there may be interaction but more often than not it is simply a one way experience. To find out more contact or

Video Conferencing For Learning

We have "lifesize" video conferencing equipment available on all 4 campuses which can be used to connect learning activities on campus. Click here to learn more.