Logging in to Moodle:
Log into myOkanagan and click the Moodle button. 
moodle button in myokanagan


Editing your Profile:

  • Once you are on your Moodle dashboard look for your name at the top right and pull down to Profile. Then click Edit Profile. You can change your email address and upload a profile picture. Your profile picture must be in .jpg or .png format and will be cropped to a square and resized to 100x100 pixels.
  • *Note: If you change your default email in Moodle you will be sent an email confirmation. Your default email or password will not actually change until you confirm the email.
Finding your courses:
  • Every section of every course offered at OC automatically gets a matching course section in Moodle. Lots of them are not used and may be hidden (hidden course sections do not appear for students, they appear as greyed out for teachers).
  • In your Dashboard you'll see a block called Okanagan College Course List that shows your courses sorted by term. If you don't see this block, click Customise this page, scroll to the bottom right and under Add block, add the Okanagan College Course List block, then move it to the top.
  • You may have some specialty courses that only appear in the Navigation block at the right under My Courses (ie. DEV sections for instructors). The course code (BUAD-123) and the Course Reference Number (10871.201810) can be a little mysterious. The last 6 digits of the CRN show the year (2018) and the term (10 for winter, 20 for summer, 30 for fall). Continuing Studies uses 11 for winter, 21 or 22 for summer, and 31 for fall.
  • Sometimes you have to click Site home, scroll to the bottom and search for a course. Make sure you include the hyphen (ie. BUAD-123)
  • For customised navigation you can create your own Current Courses Block

Built-in Help:

  • At the far bottom right of every Moodle page you'll find a link to Moodle Docslinks to external site(for version 3.1). This is the wiki that explains all the features of Moodle.
  • Under Moodle Help at the top of any Moodle page you can pull down to a Moodle Student Guide,  Course Building Series For Teachers and an Online Moodle Service Request.

Moodle Student Orientation Lesson Plan

If you want to give your students an orientation to Moodle in the first week of class, you can use this detailed 40 minute lesson plan which covers the basics from a student's point of view: 

  • How to Log in
  • How to edit your profile
  • How communication works in Moodle
  • How to post to a discussion forum
  • How to submit an assignment 
  • Where to find help

A Moodle Quiz testing the above material is also available upon request  

Moodle Training for Teachers:

If you have any concerns or questions, please email, or drop by the EdTech Centre, L100.