Password Reset System

This service allows you to reset your password for your myOkanagan account via email.

myOkanagan includes access to Moodle, OC wireless, grades, registration, application status and other student services, Windows workstations, Eduroam, employee email, as well as file and print services.

The service is able to reset the password on both employee and student accounts.

Please note that some systems used by employees maintain their own set of passwords and as such are not supported by this service.

Reset Your Password Now


In order to use the service, you must have previously set up an alternate email address in myOkanagan. You will be prompted to provide the address the first time you log into myOkanagan. The prompt appears for both new and existing users. 


If you wish to change your alternate email address, you can do so by going to Student Tab > Online Services, Personal Information > Update Email Addresses within myOkanagan.

The alternate email address can be any email account except one ending in or

Resetting Your Password

Begin the reset process by clicking Forgot Password on the myOkanagan login page. Next, you should enter your 9-digit Okanagan College ID number (eg. 300123456) and click Continue.. 


Note: If you have both student and employee accounts, you will be asked to choose which account you would like to reset. Choose the @EMP.OC account if you wish to reset your employee acccount password. Choose the @STU.OC accoint if you wish to reset your student account password.





This will send a password recovery link to your alternate email address. You will need to click the link in the email or copy/paste it into your browser.

This link will bring you to the myOkanagan password recovery page, where you will need to enter a new password two times. Click the Save Changes button to complete the process.



Click the Login to myOkanagan link to login to myOkanagan with your newly reset password.



Your alternate email address cannot be an address or an address.

The Password Reset System is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from a smartphone.