Exchange Migration

Over the next five months IT Services will be migrating all faculty and staff email from our existing Exchange 2007 servers to new Exchange 2010 servers. Not much will change after the migration:
  • You will still use your existing version of Microsoft Outlook to check your email.
  • Instead of having a separate account for email you will access your email using your nine digit employee ID and the same password you use today to log into your desktop or laptop.
  • The Outlook web interface will change slightly.

There will be issues we will have to deal with through the migration. They are detailed in the "Known Issues" and "Changes" sections below.

Over the next few months we will be contacting individual departments to schedule a meeting to plan the unit's migration. At those meetings we will review potential migration issues in more detail and develop a migration plan and schedule for the department.

Departments that have been migrated or scheduled (as of December 31, 2012)

Faculty Migrations:

    Geography & Earth and Environ. Sc.
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    Modern Languages
    Political Science
    Womens Studies
    First Nations Access
    Business Admin
    Office Admin
    Home Support-Residential Care
    Practical Nursing
Social Development:
    Computer Science
    Mathmatics / Statistics
    Physics / Astronomy
    Civil Eng.
    Mechanical Eng.
    Water Quality
Continuing Studies - Instructors


  • IT Services
  • Finance
  • Institutional Research
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Advancement
  • Ancillary-Business Services
  • Trades Admin 
  • Trades Faculty
  • Library

Known Issues

Folder Sharing including Calendars

It won't be possible to share folders between users who are still on the old servers and users who have been migrated to the new servers. That will include calendars (free / busy information). It will still be possible to send meeting invitations. Full folder sharing will be possible again once all faculty and staff have been migrated.

Custom Permissions

Permissions on Calendars and folders will not be migrated and will have to be recreated. This will be dealt with as departments are migrated.

Replying to old emails

In some instances replying to messages sent before the migration will require deleting and reentering the internal recipients.

Outlook Rules

Some Outlook Rules may break and need to be re-created to take effect, specifically, users that have rules based on internal usernames.  (i.e.:  All messages received from Ryan Ebner should be moved to the Ryan Ebner folder.)



Users will need to access webmail from a different site:

You will need to login with your Employee ID and associated password (the same credentials you use to login to your computer)

OutLook Web App

Mobile Devices

Anyone who has added their email to a mobile device will need to update the settings.  Email address stays the same; however, the logon name now uses their 300xxxxxx number and associated password (the same credentials you use to login to your computer). 

Server Settings

  • For Kelowna :
  • For Vernon:
  • For Penticton:
  • For Salmon Arm: