What is Institutional Research?

Responsibilities Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

As the primary provider of information and analysis for Okanagan College, the Department of Institutional Research is responsible for the following:

  • External Reporting - IR is the clearinghouse for institutional wide data and reports. IR is responsible for gathering institutional wide data and providing reports at various times throughout the year to several external governmental agencies. Typically these are sent to the Ministry of Advanced Education and represent a cross section of institutional data.
  • Information Support - Characterized as information gathering activities, performed periodically throughout the academic year, the office of IR provides quantitative and qualitative information, analysis and data to support a variety of institutional information requirements from policy formulation for the Executive, to providing data for use in the Institutional Service Plan.
  • Monitoring and Analyzing - The office plays a minor role as a ‘watch dog’ for the Executive to inform them of any significant observations with respect to enrolment, financial, other internal analysis and environmental scanning.
  • Research - Periodically, IR conducts research projects for the purpose of addressing the critical issues as identified by the institution. Research projects are undertaken upon consultation with the Executive and support of the Divisional Deans. The research is designed to provide a more thorough understanding of the issues in order to assist the decision-making processes at Okanagan College.