Institutional Research

Institutional Research Team

Key Functions:
  • Governmental Reporting - Institution-wide data is gathered/processed/analyzed/reported to the Ministry of Advanced Education Skills and Training (AEST) and other governmental agencies throughout the year.

  • Decision Support Systems (DSS) - Quantitative and qualitative analysis to support a variety of institutional information requirements from policy formulation for the Executive to analytical expertise for institutional planning.

  • Business Intelligence - Extracting and analyzing information related to enrolment funnel, student life cycle, financials, higher education trends and other environmental scans.

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting – Developing and reporting key performance indicators (KPI) as well as other outcome measures data to inform decision making at all levels of the institution.

  • Program Quality Assurance - Managing and displaying institutional data and dashboards that inform program review and program quality assurance.

  • Assessment and Evaluation - Managing key institutional surveys as well as various ad hoc surveys to collect, analyze and report data from students, faculty, employees and other stakeholders. Both quantitative and qualitative research expertise is maintained to assist institutional stakeholders with multi-mode opinion research projects.
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