Custodial Services

Custodial Services is responsible for all janitorial, waste management and recycling services.

Recycling and Waste ManagementA photo of recycling bins

Custodial Services maintains an extensive recycling and waste management program across all four campuses.  In addition to the standard waste management and recycling services, Custodial Services has also implemented several innovative programs to further Okanagan College's commitment to "reduce, reuse and recycle," including a compact fluorescent bulb crusher and Styrofoam packaging recycling.

Waste Diversion

The college continually strives toward a zero waste target, by increasing efforts to source separate and reduce, reuse and recycle at all its campuses.

A brief description of the College Waste Diversion Strategies:

  • The college actively diverts materials from landfill by recycling, reusing, reselling, donating or composting:
  • We participate every year in "Recyclemania".
  • Periodic Trash Audits to determine what kind of materials are finding their way into our waste streams.
  • In 2008 the college was the first in the area to recycle Styrofoam and continues to do so.
  • In 2007 the college was the first institution within the interior of BC to operate its own fluorescent tube crusher. Crushed glass is processed to recapture the mercury used in the production process.
  • We work with other agencies to find opportunities to donate goods: For example: furniture to the Salvation Army. Hospital beds to Missionary hospitals in Africa. Surplus equipment to local churches and other institutions. Periodic “Garage Sales” to raise funds for Bursaries etc.
  • Where possible, we try minimize packaging on goods received.
  • Install efficient dispensers to reduce waste.
  • Install an “on-demand” cleaning products delivery system to eliminate excess packaging.

The college has recently installed an "Earth-Tub" composting program.

The college collects grass clippings from the landscaping dept., sawdust from the carpentry shops and food waste ( fruit and vegetable scraps) from the Culinary Arts teaching Kitchens.

These are all blended in the on-site “Earth Tub” and the compost produced is then used on the college grounds.

Approx. 250lbs of food scraps per week are diverted from the landfill and converted into compost at a nearby garden centre. 

Large prunings are transported to the municipal composting facility for processing.


Okanagan College has been recycling all e-waste since 2003. All E-waste is collected from all departments by facilities staff. It is then shipped to Tech Cominco’s Trail smelting operation. It is crushed and fed into #5 blast furnace. All precious metals are recovered. All emissions are cleaned through a scrubber before being exhausted to atmosphere.

Periodically throughout the year an E-waste recycling company, ( Mandated by the Provincial Stewardship Program and monitored by the Regional District) will setup a regional collection facility on campus. The dates will be publicized and e-waste will be collected from students, staff and the general public.

The College is an active member of the Recycling Council of British Columbia. We receive monthly bulletins/updates on all current & reputable member companies that participate within the provincial stewardship programs.

Materials Exchange Program

At Okanagan College we strive to reuse our materials as efficiently as possible.

First, we try to reuse items ourselves, between all of our facilities wherever possible.

If we can't find a new home within our own organization, we utilize the official British Columbia Government Asset Investment Recovery program (AIR) that is responsible for the disposal of surplus assets of the province of British Columbia. AIR determines the most sustainable method of disposal to guarantee that all assets are disposed of in and environmental friendly way. The AIR mission is to establish environmentally and socially responsible management practices and to set the government standard for best management practices in most core operations. Assets that are broken are recycled; assets in good condition are sold in a retail setting or an auction.

Janitorial Services

The department manages all contracted and in-house cleaners and facilities workers and is responsible for ensure a high standard of cleanliness and safe operation at Okanagan College's properties. 

Cleaning Products

All cleaning products are purchased by the Housekeeping Dept. of Facilities Management. The Manager, Property Services is responsible to ensure that all products fit within the ecologically friendly criteria. Any non-certified products are being replaced and this process is to be completed by 2012.

All newly constructed buildings are built to a minimal LEED certification. All cleaning products used in these buildings are required to be “Greenseal” and/or “EcoLogo” certified.

As of April 2011, over 65% of the products meet this standard.