Multi-Functional Copiers / Laser Printers / Fax Machines

For all Ricoh multi-functional copiers refer to the following for repair and supplies. Ricoh model numbers include ....

MP C2051
Aficio SP 4001 NL
MP 2352SP
MP 2852SP
MP 4002SP
MP 5002
MP 5002SP
MP 6001SP
MP C2551
MP C400
MP C4502
SP 3510DN – no auto order
SP 4001 DNL
SP 4100 - no auto order
SP 5200
SP 5210SF
SP 6330N


NOTE - All colour machines are OEM only. If anything other than Ricoh supplies and service are utilized the at fault department will be responsible for all service, cleaning, and labour costs in order to repair the equipment.

Service and Repair

A service request for equipment repair can be submitted two ways:

  1. On-Line Service Request - RICOH Service Request
  2. Telephone ...1-877-335-4566

Ordering Supplies

When ordering Supplies you will need your equipment Serial Number from the sticker on the front of your Copier or Printer. When calling Canadian supplies include your name, department, telephone number and the our Blanket Purchase Order No. P0035609.

Staples & Transparencies:

Toll Free Ordering: 1-877-335-4566
E-mail Ordering:

If you use transparencies, please note they need to be Ricoh approved. Be very sure that ANY "write on" transparencies are kept well away from the system. They will melt and burn on the drum causing a chargeable replacement. The replacement cost will be incurred by the at fault department.

Type 'E' transparencies will work in Ricoh machines.

@Remote Appliance:

The @Remote appliance orders all toner automatically for all MFDs and laser printers except for the Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN and the Ricoh SP 4100. NOTE: @Remote orders toner when the old cartridge is taken out and a new one is put in. Once the old toner is removed, the @Remote appliance will re-order toner and it will be shipped from Ricoh Supplies to Central Receiving for delivery.

Changing Toner

Low Toner: When the display shows "low toner". Should be left until it says empty so you get full life from the toner cartridge. Low toner will not affect copy quality. If there is a copy quality issue at the same time as a low toner, changing the toner, usually, will not help. Call service.
If the machine is in "low toner" and the user is about to print a large job it is suggested that the toner be replaced first.

Out of Toner: Toner empty may cause quality issues. The machine should stop being usable at "out of toner" to prevent quality issues.

Faint or Light Copies

If you see your print job as being faint or light copies - a service call should be placed. Do not try to change the toner to fix the problem, even if the add or low toner warning is on. If you do so, the @Remote will not place an order when the next toner is needed. Therefore, when the machine really does run out, there will be no backup supply."

: Don't remove, shake, and put back a low toner cartridge.
: Don't change the cartridge when the machine is not asking for toner.
: Don't ask the technician to place toner orders, even if he/she offers to do it for you.

Because the copier or printer will not function once the toner cartridge is empty, it is advisable to always have a spare toner cartridge. Arrival of a new cartridge takes approximately 2-3 days.

Toner Recycling

Ricoh InfoPrint Solutions encourages the recycling of empty toner bottles, fax and print cartridges and takes back the empties at no cost to Okanagan College.

Single and Multiple Cartridge Return 

  • Repackage the empty toner cartridge utilizing the wrapper and packaging from the new cartridge's box. 
  • Place the empty toner cartridge in the box from your new toner cartridge. Seal the box. 
  • For multiple cartridges, combine them in a suitable box and pack accordingly if possible. 
  • Attach the prepaid Canada Post label and cover the label with clear plastic tape to the package(s) that need to be sent for recycling. The package(s) can be picked up by Central Stores. 
  • The label can be printed and copied for reuse in the future.

Ricoh_Canada Post Return Label

Please ensure to send EMPTIES ONLY via this method. For defective toners, replacements and all other returns, call Ricoh at 1-877-335-4566 or e-mail .


Note: Ricoh will not be responsible for the loss or reimbursement of any unused cartridges of any type returned to the recycling facility.

Waste Toner Containers - Ordering

A Ricoh tech must order toner waste cartridges.

Waste Toner Containers - Recycling

The waste toner containers are recycled in the same manner as the toner cartridges. See above "Toner Recycling".


Laser Printers

NOTE - All Laser Printers are OEM only. If anything other than original brand supplies and service are utilized the at fault department will be responsible for all service, cleaning, and labour costs in order to repair the equipment.

Fax Machine Repair

All service and repair calls for fax machines are initiated with a Web Requisition. Please complete and submit a Web Requisition with the following information …

  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Location of Fax Machine
  • ID Number of Fax Machine - the five-digit number beginning with a K or an A
  • Complete Description of Problem

Supply Management will place the service call with Ricoh Canada. A Ricoh service technician will then contact you to set up a time for the service call. Please note that costs are not covered under a warranty.


Fax Machine Toner - Please complete and submit a Web Requisition. The following information is required ...

  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Location
  • Toner Part Number
  • Quantity Required
  • New or Recycled Toner Cartridge

Recycling of Empty Fax Toner Cartridges - Please forward all empty cartridges to Central Stores.



All white paper for multi-functional copiers, fax machines and laser printers is available from Central Stores. Please complete an Inventory Requisition form. See Supplies Available From Stores page for paper sizes and codes.

Paper - Environmental Considerations

  • One tree produces approximately 80,500 sheets of paper.
  • It takes 17 pulpwood market-sized trees to produce one ton of paper.
  • Recycling one ton of paper saves approximately 17 trees.
  • Okanagan College used approximately 15,000,000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper for copying only in 2007. This figure does not include printing statistics, which more than triples this amount.

Use of electronic communication (e.g. conference calls, email, online tracking logs, electronic invoices) all aim to reduce paper usage. Help to protect our environment by reducing your copying and printing.

Paper Purchasing

It is important to note all copy/bond paper purchased throughout the institution must meet and be a minimum 30% post-consumer recycled content and FSC Certified.

Last Updated : Thursday, November 29, 2012