Online Photo Submission

Online Photo Submission

To upload your photo log into myOkanagan, then go to:
» Student Tab » Online Services » Student Photo ID

Photo Specifications:

Your picture must:
  • Have your face square to the camera, with shoulders showing
  • Have even lighting
  • Show you looking directly at the camera lens
  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible
  • Be in colour
  • Have a plain white background
  • Be in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format
  • Have a maximum image size of 10mb
  • Be taken as a standard portrait (height > width)
  • Have been taken in the last 6 months
  • Be suitable for official identification
  • Must have eyeglasses removed

Your picture cannot:

  • Have shadows on the face because of uneven lighting
  • Contain hats, headbands or eyeglasses
  • Have inappropriate expressions
  • Be cropped too close (e.g., cutting off the top of your head)
  • Have background elements (e.g., open rooms)
  • Have anyone other than yourself visible
  • Have any special effects, filters or colouring

You must be registered for courses prior to submitting your photo.
Government-issued photo ID will be required for card pick up.

Okanagan College Student ID is valid for two years. Lost/stolen cards can be reprinted for a $5 fee payable at the Library or at the Registration office.